Sunday, August 03, 2008


Just so everyone knows, my last post was 95% sarcasm. I wasn't really that upset. I thought that would be clear because of how dramatic it was, but I understand tone of voice and facial expression doesn't come through on the internet. Whoops!

Carrington called me Saturday morning and said she'd felt awful all day since reading that blog post, and that she was so sorry, and she didn't mean to upset me. I had to reassure her that I was just giving her a hard time, and it was all okay.

I promise I'm not really that mean and cranky! No worries, Carrington! I'll be calling you tonight to see if you want to come into town early tomorrow and go write before group.

We're back from the faire, and extremely hot (because we left the A/C off all weekend and our upstairs apartment is like a sauna now) and tired. We had a really fun time, though! I'll be taking it easy tonight and posting pictures tomorrow. Night, all!

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mikkers said...

lol. I *think* that I know you well enough by now to guess that you were kidding. But Carrington is so sneaky!