Wednesday, August 13, 2008

POV Issues

So I started my new steampunk novel and just started writing it in first person... but I'm not sure if I should do that, or limited third-person, or if I might want to go into third-person but not limit it to one character. Augh! I kind of need to decide now, since it's SUCH a pain to go back and edit everything to another POV (point of view). I don't think I'll want to show anyone's thoughts and feelings besides my MC (main character)... but I'm not sure!

I did, however, "waste" almost an hour just deciding on names for her and her family, as well as some of the other students. I heart the internet. - Where I look up name meanings
Popular Names by year - AWESOME find; I've searched 1900 for old-fashioned names.
Victorian Surnames - Very helpful, and better than flipping through the phone book
Victorian-era names - Also a great list, with nicknames!

Okay, I think I'll go with limited third-person for now. It might sound awkward to explain stuff about the world in my MC's voice, but if there's just an omniscient narrator, I can stick stuff like that in without it sounding too weird (I hope).

Wheee, new story!


carrington schaeffer said...

yes. names are a big deal.

they're such a big deal that i almost don't want people to have names in my stories.

good luck with your pov issues. (ha! sounds like you have a disease!)

cher said...

First person, as I have just found out, has a number of challenges. Dialog can iron some of them out; however, third person gives the luxury of just telling instead of having to show everything.

I once read a book by Virginia Stems Owens which was written in first person. The sequel was in third person - kind of hard to cover all the ground in a kidnapping from the pov of the victim. ----whatever works.