Saturday, August 16, 2008

Out of the Loop

I'm out of the loop. Matt and I don't care for anything on TV, so we don't have any stations. I don't see commercials about new movies or shows. All the celebrity news I read is from the covers of the magazines in the checkout lines. When a friend mentions a movie star, I have to ask, "What was he in?" to place him, because I don't know any names but the really big ones. I kind of even hate that I have a little box with the top headlines on my Yahoo mail page, but I can't figure out how to get it off.

Sure, it's hard to avoid some things. I know who Hannah Montana is (unfortunately) and that Brad and Angelina just had twins. Apparently John Edwards had an affair (and we care about this now... why?) and the tiny Chinese gymnasts in the Olympics may not all be sixteen years old.

I, too, read Go Fug Yourself every day, but for the longest time, I thought The Hills was an actual show; nope, it's a reality show. (OHMYGOSH, classifies it as a "documentary/drama." Seriously?) I don't know any cool new movies that are coming out unless I happen to go see a movie in the theater and catch the previews before the show. I'm so out of the loop that I didn't even know about the shooting at VA Tech last spring until a friend of mine posted about it on her journal. Something has to be really big before it catches my attention.

But really? That's mostly okay with me. Some of you might disagree and say I'm being a wuss, or un-American, or uninformed, but I don't like reading or watching the news. It depresses me. I only have so many free hours in a day, and I don't want to spend them upset over someone else's kids getting shot, or an army guy raping and killing multiple women, or how bad the economy's getting. (Belive me, I don't need reminding about that.) I think it's ridiculous how wrapped up we've become in the lives of celebrities. Who cares what Spencer and Heidi are doing now, or that Lindsey Lohan has done something else crazy, or that another young star is in rehab again. I get that voyeurism is kinda fun, and these people are beautiful (mostly) and talented (usually), and it's interesting to watch them be beautiful and talented and, oftentimes, screw up. For some people. But not for me.

So I'll just sit here in my office like a good little old married lady, sewing my own clothes, reading craft blogs, and making silly posts like this. You can keep your icky news and your crazy celebs. I'll stay out of the loop.

P.S. The bridal shower for Megan was a smashing success! Fun and good food was had by all, and many spiffy presents were opened with much rejoicing. I'll post pictures soon.


Cher said...

Yeah, me too: out of the loop; and mostly by choice.

Danielle said...

I'm very much the same way, although I do watch a good bit of TV. But mostly it's the same TV -- the last part of the Today Show before Kathy Lee is on (so after the news but before her obnoxiousness), Ellen, and reruns. But I hate watching the real news, and I hate even more that soon I'll be expected (in an academic setting, although not so much in actual classes) to have opinions on stuff on the real news. So I pick up snippets.

But celebrity "news"? Absolutely not. I change the channel or leave the room. Sorry, but I don't care. I'm kinda following the gymnastics thing, but my interest in the Olympic "celebrities" will end with the Olympics.

sarahgrace said...

I'm with you on regular news... too depressing to watch! I'm embarrassed to admit that I watch E! News quite a bit I know too much about celebrities. I'm getting to the point where I don't care though, and I at least feel like that is a little more healthy. Ha ha. Hopefully my reading will become a permanent habit, I too, will be out of the loop. (Gladly.)