Monday, July 07, 2008

100 Jam-packed Story Sentences: 26-50

I know that some of them are actually two sentences, but I find that I can't care too much.

26. "I'm so sorry!" the woman cried, holding the tiny, growling dog in her arms, "she's never bitten anyone before!"
27. "That's none of your business," she snapped, and slammed down the phone so hard that one of her fake nails chipped as it hit the tabletop.
28. "I really don't think that's 'H.R.-friendly,'" said John after hearing the joke; being the newbie, though, no one paid him any attention.
29. A single drop of red fell from her fingertip and landed right in the middle of the loaf of bread she'd pulled from the oven not two minutes ago.
30. The croquet balls had been painted to look like hedgehogs, and Sunshine had a huge grin on her face as she passed out plastic flamingo lawn ornaments instead of mallets.
31. "Oh, I feel like Goldilocks," Susanne said as she sank into the hundredth chair she'd tried that day. "All the others were too hard or too soft, but this one is just right."
32. She giggled, lying on the bed, but he smacked her bare bottom and snapped, "Stay still!" dragging the marker down the back of her thigh to finish writing his name.
33. "I don't care if Ashleigh has hers pierced, you are thirteen years old and you are not Ashleigh!"
34. "No, I don't have any sisters named Faith or Charity," Hope sighed after introducing herself, just like she always did.
35. The last of the sun's gold was dripping over the very tops of the trees, and the birds were reaching the noisy climax of their bedtime song when his car pulled into the drive, dust flying up to settle over the shiny black paint as he roared toward the house.
36. To this day, I have that strip of four pictures from the photo booth, both of us black and white and smiling, laughing, making faces, tucked into the back pocket of my wallet.
37. "You shouldn't have," she said breathlessly, staring down at the box, but then her shoulders tensed and her jaw tightened, and she said it again: "No, you really shouldn't have."
38. "Look, we either have to get rid of the dog or the baby," she said, hands on her hips, "and only one of them rode around in my stomach for nine months. Guess which one's leaving."
39. It wasn't that she didn't like the surprise party, but the shouting had startled her and she just started crying; now she couldn't stop, even though a dozen people were patting her back, asking her what was wrong, offering her cake, napkins instead of tissues, and telling her they didn't mean to upset her.
40. "You never have?" Tristan asked, his eyes wide, mouth hanging open. "Never ever ever?"
41. I didn't mean to break it, but they wouldn't see it that way; I would have to hide it away in the back of the closet until I could figure out what to do.
42. "What?" Kate asked. "It's not like we haven't shared other bodily fluids before. Sharing gum's not that bad, so chill."
43. The first two rocks, pebbles, really, from beneath the rose bushes, bounced off her window, but the third one smashed right through it. The boy paled, froze for a second, then ran away as fast as he could go.
44. "We must do this again!" Bunny Sanders trilled as she climbed into her car, and thankfully didn't see me as I rolled my eyes and muttered, "Over my dead body."
45. You'd think it wouldn't hurt to land on snow--all soft and white and powdery--but when you fall from that far up, going that fast, well.... it felt like falling on concrete.
46. "All right, fine," my wife snapped, shoving the sunblock back into her purse, "when you have skin cancer at thirty don't say I didn't warn you."
47. Until I was twelve years old, I thought "sugar," when shouted through clenched teeth, was actually a curse word.
48. "I hate you now," he said in a low, toneless voice, then went off humming "The Song That Never Ends." My revenge was complete.
49. "Get in the car or we're going to be late for church!" my mom screamed, shooing us toward the front door, her high heels clacking on the linoleum; the irony was not lost on me even at thirteen.
50. When I was four, there was apparently a pink frilly dress, of cheap cotton/polyester with big pearlized buttons, that I literally never took off except for my nightly bath.

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