Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Big Rocks and Rewards

I came across this article about Big Rocks while blog-hopping a while back. Go ahead, click the link and read it, it'll only take a minute. I'll wait.

All right, you're back. Kinda cool, huh? I've been thinking about this for the last week or so. Writers' group last Monday probably got me started thinking about it, when we were discussing how to fit writing into our lives, and how much we should write, when, where, about what. At breakfast with some friends (see Thought 5), I mentioned it. And yesterday at writers' group we talked a little more about it. A friend and I decided that we work best when we can see a physical list or calendar or something, and check off our duties. The duty we were focused on at group was, of course, writing, but I personally think I would do well to put dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. on that list, too. And for all the days I succeed at doing everything I need to do--my big rocks like making sure my husband and I have clean socks, writing a little something whether it's a blog post, a letter, or a chapter in my novel, and making some kind of hot meal for supper--I'll give myself a little reward.

Money is tight right now (when is it not?) so while I'd like to treat myself to an iced americano or a new book when I succeed, that's just not going to happen. So what about "free" rewards? A trip to the library to check out a book I've been wanting to read, or even letting myself read a couple more chapters in a really-super-long book that I own and love, but wouldn't usually have the time to read? I could allow myself to cut out one of the vintage dress patterns I have, or make a simple cloth shopping bag so I quit using plastic. Or half an hour of instant messenger time with friends. So it can be done.

That's my goal for this week, and I'll talk about my results at the next Monday writers' group. Maybe I'll even bring in my calendar or some kind of thing with pockets in it where I move the "duty cards" from the "to do" pocket to the "done" one. And I'll need to come up with a list of rewards I can check off, too. I'm excited about this! Carrington and Ms. Dame de Plume, good luck with your goals for the week, too!

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carrington schaeffer said...

yes! yes! I'm so excited about all of this!

We can do it! We ARE writers.

(now if we could only get organized...I feel like my name should be Carrington In Progress. : )