Monday, July 07, 2008

10.5 Random Things

All right Miss Three-Posts-In-One-Day. We'll just see who gets coffee at the end of the month!

Random Item 1: When I went to look up a book at the library this afternoon, the keyboard and mouse at one of the computers were wet. There were actual droplets of water (or something) on them. I used a different computer and tried not to think about it too much.

Random Item 2: I was at the library to try and work on my novel some more. However, I guess I was novel-ed out, because while I did some freewrite-type scribbling in my notebook, no actual writing was accomplished.

Random Item 3: I was noveled out because I'd written just over 1,600 words in a coffee shop that morning! Since my goal for the week was to add 2,000 words to it (paltry, I know, but I'm working more than usual this week--excuses, excuses), I think I'm doing pretty well!

Random Item 4: Matt got a used, older model Nintendo DS from a friend. Oh yay, now he can take video games with him wherever he goes. He's currently playing Golden Sun (also used) in the bath tub.

Random Item 5: We took photos at Writers' Group this morning! I can't wait to see them on Ein Feisty Berg's blog. I'm sure we're all adorable and look fantastic.

Random Item 6: I should be doing dishes right now, but I have to out-blog Carrington! I'll clean when I'm done posting.

Random Item 7: I have not invented any kind of pocket-y thing for my Duty Cards (they need a better name; any suggestions?) but I have picked out fabric for it, and I have some ideas of how to set it up. Yesterday I got all my cards done, and have decided that if I go a whole week and don't miss a card, then I get some kind of reward. I'm not sure what, though; we'll see when we get there.

Random Item 8: I really really really want to go see Wall-E!!! Everyone I've talked to that's seen it (except for one person, and I'm not sure I trust his movie tastes since he refuses to watch even one Harry Potter movie; for shame!) has said it's the best animated movie they've seen in forever. I LOVE Pixar. I almost cry with laughter each time I watch For the Birds. Ohmygosh, it just made me so happy to watch that again.

Random Item 9: I also really really want to see Wanted. Angelina Jolie is awesome (in movies--don't get me started on her personal life) and I think James McCavoy being in something is more than enough of a reason to want to see it. Mmmmmmm....

Random Item 10: I wonder what I'll blog about tonight so I'm even with Carrington....

Slightly less-random Item 1: Lookit! Writers' Group pictures! (I'm the one in the hippie dress.)


carrington schaeffer said...

Three Things:

1. I actually laughed out loud over the wet keyboard and mouse bit.

2. I am going to start using your phrase "noveled out."

3. I will see Wall-E and Wanted with you!

4. Make that Miss FOUR-Posts-In-One-Day!

Danielle said...

Hahahaha. I love that Matt is playing his new DS in the tub! Typical. ;) (I know you've said he normally reads in the tub, so this isn't all that different.. But still funny!)

WALL-E is fantastic! Go, go, go, go!

sarahgrace said...

Hee hee...I'm with you on the James MacAvoy thing...
and thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog too!