Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Irrational Fears

Everyone has something they're afraid of. My husband is afraid of heights, and gets visibly nervous climbing up staircases where you can see down to the bottom. He knows he won't fall, can't possibly fall, but it still freaks him out. He even gets a little squeamish when we're watching a movie and the hero is, say, on the edge of a tall building or crossing a rickety rope bridge. I don't understand it, but that's how he feels.

Me? I'm afraid of moths. Yes, moths. No, they are not just like butterflies, don't try to tell me that. Butterflies are pretty and floaty and just sort of drift around being shiny. Moths are flappy and fluttery, they run into walls, windows, light bulbs, and people. Their yucky grey wings are powdery and gross. And those great big ones, with the fuzzy antennae? *Shudder*

The little millers don't bother me too much anymore, as long as I don't think about them. But if there's ever a real moth around, I freeze, close my eyes, and hold my breath... like that's going to help, or something. I know it's totally stupid. That's why I titled this post "Irrational Fears." I know a moth cannot hurt me. They pose no threat whatsoever. But the thought of one bumping into me as it bumbles around searching for a light source just creeps me the heck out. I'll continue to hold my breath and squint my eyes as I hurry away, or struggle to get my key into the lock and get inside, away from it.

I don't really like spiders, but I don't freak out if I see one. I'll beg my husband to kill it, and if he doesn't (the big baby!) I'll get a shoe and smoosh it. I really don't like cockroaches, and I will insist upon the husband killing those. But I just get ridiculous when it comes to moths.

But if you think that's weird, look at this irrational fear.

((Little update on the organization project: I spent most of my lunch break yesterday making a list of cards to put in the "to do" pocket. I also realized that some things need to be done daily (fix dinner, make bed, etc.... yes, I do need to be that specific and micro-managerial at this point) and some need to be weekly (dust living room, sweep kitchen, etc.). I really think this will work if I can make myself stick to it. Hopefully tonight I'll get the cards written out, and then over the next day or so I'll devise some sort of cute pocket thing to hang on the wall.))

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sarahgrace said...

Hi Heather,
I made my way over here from Carrington's blog (and I'm pretty sure I met you at her bridal shower last summer) so, hello!

I just had to say, I read the teeth on the chalkboard fear and it made me shudder...