Thursday, July 10, 2008

French Toast

It was fun to hang out with Jamie and Liz yesterday and the day before. Matt found them a really good deal on a nice TV, surround sound, and wall mount for the TV through work, and got the commission off it! In thanks for the great deal, they took us to dinner at Famous Dave's Barbeque. It has been in town for several months, but Matt and I had never gone. We ended up getting The Feast, which was actually a decent deal since it fed all four of us with quite a lot of leftovers! No one really ate the baked beans or coleslaw, so I wish we would've asked if we could substitute something else for those. But ohhhhhhh man, the ribs were amazing, the brisket was great, and even the smoked chicken, which sounds "eh," was delicious. I got all the cornbread muffins to myself since no one wanted them (one there and three to take home) and those were great. Plus corn on the cob and potato wedge-fries. All served on the lid of a garbage can and set on a weird, three-legged wooden server. The atmosphere inside was nifty, too, with "vintage" bottles and tea towels and tin signs and such. (It was clearly new stuff made to look vintage because none of it was dirty enough. If something is actually 50 years old, you just can't get quite all the grime out of the tiny cracks and lines.)

We came home and watched the guys play Halo 3 for a while, then we all watched Hitman. It was okay; I might've got into it a little more if everyone hadn't talked through it. (They'd all seen it before and I hadn't. Yet it was definitely an action movie and you could pretty much tell what was going on even if you couldn't hear all the dialogue.) After that, we suddenly decided to go to the late show of Wanted. It wasn't as amazingly awesome as I'd thought, quite, but it was still pretty dang awesome. It was surprisingly funny, at times in the Office Space, hopeless, "my life is crap" sort of way. Then the action picked up, and the effects were fabulous. James McAvoy really is a great actor. He did the pathetic office drone, the panic attacks, the getting beat up, the being a cool assassin, and all of it was great and real.

With all the Halo, Hitman, and Wanted, I almost turned into a guy last night. So much testosterone!

Sorry this wasn't a terribly thought-provoking post, but this counts as my writing for the day, and I'm sort of brain-dead.

Oh yes, the French toast! I made it for breakfast for everyone, and took a picture of the spread out on the table, but it turned out horribly so I'm not posting it. I even did the thing where when the four slices on the griddle got done, I put them in a pan in the oven to keep warm until all of it was ready! I felt so hostess-y.

The house is nice and clean still. Yay for having company! It forces us to clean. I did not do any of my chores today, really. I don't know if I should excuse that because we had company and then I went to work, and when I came home I fed our friend Brandon and watched a movie with the guys.... or if there is no excuse. But I couldn't exactly leave the company either this morning (Liz and Jamie) or this evening (Brandon) to go pick up the kitchen, fold laundry, etc. Right? What do you think? Cast your vote in the comments/responses.


Danielle said...

Oooh, do you like cornbread? Can you buy Jiffy cornbread mix at your grocery stores? I have this awesome recipe for spoonbread (like a fancier, better version of cornbread) that you should try. I can send you some mix if you can't buy it there, plus the recipe. It's delicious! Now I'm craving it. All because you mentioned cornbread all the way at the top of your entry, haha.

Sarah said...

When it comes to guests I feel certain ways with certain people. If these guests are normal and you see them frequently then I find it no problem to clean. they most likely will not notice anyway or they will even come in and talk to you while you are doing it just to keep you company.
Not as good friends or "guests" guests... no I wouldn't.
Picking up with I'm putting down? :)

Heather In Progress said...

Danielle: I love cornbread! And I think I've seen that Jiffy mix at the store. Does it have to be that brand? I'd love to try a new recipe; Matt hates cornbread so I'd have it all to myself!

Sarah: Not that Liz and Jamie aren't friends, but they seemed more like "guest-guests" where Brandon is a friend-guest and probably wouldn't have minded if I got up to do some dishes. However, I wanted to see the animated Batman shows he brought over! Heehee.

einefesityberg said...

A long time ago I learned two things:
1) The floor (mopping it) is not an issue until you stick to it.
2) if you are having a house full of company, the carpet will be squashed back down as soon as a couple of them arrive - so ----go for the visual: dust the shiny surfaces and then continue to tidy as part of the routine (dishes from the table and stacked, etc)of your get together.
Nah, why should you have to go off and clean and miss the fun.

Heather In Progress said...

einefesityberg: 1. That's about how I feel about mopping too. Heehee.

2. Thanks for the justification! :D Yeah, I don't think it's fair to me or the company to get up and clean while I should be sociable. Leaving in order to cook, get drinks, etc. is okay, but the cleaning should be on hold for special occasions. *Nod nod*

mikkers said...

I wasn't a big fan of Hitman that much. Vinh loved the video game, so he was one of those "I don't care if it sucks it is my videogame!"

And how dare you guys not eat the baked beans! Mmm..they are the best part of the BBQ!

Danielle said...

No, I don't think it has to be Jiffy, I just know that that's what we use. I guess any box of cornbread mix would work.

I'm not a big fan of regular cornbread (at least not as made by a box of Jiffy -- real cornbread is another matter), but I love this spoonbread! I'm going to type up the recipe and post it on my blog for you.