Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Am Cursed

I swear I am. It doesn't matter where or when or for what reason, the line I get in at any store always takes the longest.

Today at Goodwill, I got in what appeared to be the shortest line, only to see ALL the other people in all three other lines go through and finish before me, even the ones who'd got in line after I did. The elderly couple at the checkout I chose had a billion plates that had to be checked out and then wrapped in newspaper and double-bagged. Then there was a lady who just got a few pair of socks, and then me, with my single 29 cent sewing pattern.

Right after that I went to Wal-Mart and got in a "check yourself out" line. Though it seemed to be the shortest one, I saw that the checkout ahead of mine only had one lady buying a few shirts, so I darted in behind her. The woman at my original checkout finished, and the guy I'd been behind started to buy his big trashcans. But the person before the lady with the shirts in my new line had apparently purchased some sort of noxious fuel/oil something or other for their car, and it had leaked all over the conveyor belt and the bagging area, leaving some sort of noxious liquid as well as a stench. So the Wal-Mart lady had to come and spray everything with disenfectant and wipe it down--twice! The person in line behind the garbage can man in my original line was finished checking out before I even got to start my own checkout.

These are merely two instances from one day in my life. I swear, almost every single time I shop anywhere, something like this happens to me. The 95-year-old woman ahead of me takes ten minutes to write a check, or the young mom sends her husband back to grab something they forgot, leaving the rest of us in line to just stand there and wait. Every stinkin' time!

It doesn't really bother me. Most of the time I'm not in a hurry to get to whatever I need to do next, and in most cases, the delay is really only a few minutes, which won't hurt anything in the grand scheme of my life. It's just a little frustrating to have this happen again and again and again.

So am I just focusing on this more than is necessary, and it happens to everyone? Or is it really just me? Am I really cursed to always chose the worst possible line?


Danielle said...

I think it happens to everyone. Although lately it has happened to me at the grocery over and over again, but it's not the customers -- it's the cashiers. Usually I think I just get the new kid who needs help (which doesn't really bother me), but the other day I got an older cashier who was absolutely crazy! In the middle of ringing up the person in front of me, she just walked away and started screaming across the store at another employee. When a different employee responded, she screamed at him, too! It was very bizarre, not to mention time-consuming, and I was happy that my own transaction was fast and without problems!

mikkers said...

i just added you to my bloglines rss feeder so I can get instant updates of when *you* update :)

Don't you just hate it when you get in line and then try to switch to another one only to have your impatience bite you in the ass? I have done that so many times! Of course, you only really regret it when you are in the losing line. Sometimes I try to teach myself a lesson by staying in my original line...but then get mad when I *still* end up the last one standing!

Eine Feisty Berg said...

It is so universal, I am amazed there is not yet a hit song about it.