Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Carrington and her husband hosted a lovely dinner for my husband and I this evening. We had artichoke dip (with Fritos to dip, which sounds weird, but was yummy) as an appetizer. Carrington and I watched a strange little ettiquette DVD she'd got from the library and the guys stood around the grill and did.... whatever guys do when they stand around the grill. For supper there was a salad of cherry tomatoes, corn, green onions, and avacado, yummmmm; parmesan bread; rosmary potatoes with red onion; and kebabs with pork, more red onion, and apricots. It was all delicious, but we agreed the apricots were very apricot-y. Carrington said the recipe told her it would "bring out the flavor" of them, and man did it! But still very good.


This is the aftermath of the meal. I totally stood up on my chair and took a picture just for the sake of this blog.

Thanks for the lesson about uploading photos, by the way! This works much better.

A couple of Matt's friend will be staying the night tomorrow. Liz and Jamie are their names (Jamie as in the guy's name), and Matt's been playing World of Warcraft and, before that, EverQuest II with them for a couple of years now. They just moved about 5 hours away, whereas before they were in Maine, so Matt's happy they're closer and can hang out occasionally. Well, 5 hours still isn't that close, but closer than across the country. And when we move to the other side of the mountains next summer, they'll be quite close, like 30-60 minutes depending on where we end up. We miiiiiiiiight go see Wanted tomorrow, huzzah!

Well, I suddenly feel really tired. Must be all that good food in my tummy! Night night.

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mikkers said...

Hehee...I think it is so funny that you girls watched an etiquette video while the guys grilled...I mean, how much more polarized can that be? :)