Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Post of July

Well, there are 36 minutes left in the month of July as I'm typing this. (I just typed "26," then thought a minute, added in my head, and changed it to "36." Stupid math. Stupid numbers.) It seems that I have won the blogging contest, unless Carrington puts up 7 more posts in the next half hour. I wouldn't put it past her, sneaky lass that she is. ;)

But whatever the outcome, I'm really glad we started this little competition. It made me think, it made me start taking walks, it certainly made me write more than I would have. I learned how to upload pictures on Blogger, and what is and is not acceptable html in comments. I took pictures, I took memes. I got to know some commenters a little better. I expounded upon subjects I normally wouldn't discuss. I learned a lot about Carrington, in all her posts. All in all, I deem this a very productive, helpful, growth-inspiring exercise. Huzzah!

Carrington, I raise my free chai latte to you! :D How's next Monday afternoon sound? We can write someplace for a while and then go to the Dames d'Plume meeting.

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