Wednesday, July 23, 2008


What was I doing 10 years ago:
Ten years ago, I was twelve, almost thirteen. We lived in a very very small town, before it even got the stoplight out on the highway where you turn in to get to it. Not this weekend, but the next one (the first Saturday in August) we probably would've been going to the annual festival celebrating the produce that area is known for, sweltering all day in 100-degree weather and shopping around at the craft booths after having watched the parade that morning.

My room was rag-painted light blue over cream, but I'd decided that was too "little girl," so my parents let me paint neon swirls and hearts and stars and handprints here and there over the top of it. I had a chest/trunk (covered in denim fabric) against the window with cushions on top and against the back wall, so it made a kind of windowseat, and a bead curtain at the side of it. At the foot was a bookshelf, so it was a neat little alcove.

I would be getting ready for my second year of homeschooling, 8th grade. For my 13th birthday party, I had three friends over--Megan, our pastor's daughter, Joelle, from church, and Katie, whom I've known since we were about 7--for a sleepover. I think we tie-dyed shirts. I was very into "hippie" stuff at the time.

Snacks I enjoy:
Coffeeeeeeee! And if I'm going to have candy, it's pretty much going to be chocolate in some form. Oreos in milk, or chocolate chip cookies with milk on the side. Homemade bread. A tortilla with butter and honey, folded into quarters. Banana bread. Muffins. Basically: carbs!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
-Pay off all our school loans and credit card debt
-Start a good retirement plan
-Start a good savings account for our kids' college and weddings
-Design and build the home of our dreams--and truly I'd be content to live right here
-Buy Matt all the electronic toys he's had his eye on
-Have one kid now and the second when the first is about 3, then return to get my master's once they're in elementary school--the plan as it stands is to get my master's, then have kids so I have a "real job" at that point
-Pay for my parents to finish the upstairs, where they live over their restaurant, and build an addition in the back of the house
-Sponsor a bunch of underpriveledged children/donate to Red Cross/something like that
-Travel all the places I've wanted to go
-Buy a really nice sewing machine

Places I have lived:
-California: Riverside and Longbeach (when I was tiny)
-Colorado: Several towns on the western slope, and a couple in the mountains
That's all. *Shrug*

Jobs I have hadChronologically:
-Resident assistant at an assisted living facility: Apr/01-Jul/03
-Research assistant at _____ College: Sept/03-Apr/04
-Stock person at JC Penney's: Sept/04-Dec/04
-Salesgirl at Bath and Body Works: May/06-Jul/06
-Salesgirl at Motherhood Maternity: Jul/06-Jul/07
-Salesgirl at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts: May/07-Oct/07
-Barista at Starbucks: Oct/07-June/08
-Present job: June/08-??
I was able to be jobless so often between 03 and 07 because we were living off student loans. >.< 6 peeps I wanna know more about:
-Eine Feisty Berg
-Kid Christmas
-Rachel Goes Global
-Books and Knits
-Page One Twelve
-and of course, my old nemesis, Carrington Schaeffer

Yes, I'm tagging you! Take this meme, it was fun!

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