Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

Sarah got the "holiday" right; today is Harry Potter's birthday! Anything you would like to ask for me to post about, Sarah?

I'm not sure why the deadline for the Harry Potter swap was yesterday; today would have been much more momentous! But here is the package I sent my partner. (If you haven't at least seen a couple of the movies, much of this will make no sense to you, sorry.)

I enclosed a letter inside a card with the Hogwarts crest on it, pretending I'd taken a trip to Diagon Alley to pick her up a few things. I sealed the envelope with red sealing wax and my "H" stamp.


Here is the whole package!
-Two cards, one Owl Post, and one Floo Network. The Floo card got singed on the way. Boy did the house smell like burning paper after I did that one! I freaked Matt out by not telling him first, whoops.
-A Skiving Snackbox (link to come, the site is being weird), which was empty because the Pygmy Puff (scroll down) had eaten all the snacks
-The Puff inside a little jewelry box
-A packet of tea bags (very English, right?)
-A wand I made from this tutorial. SO COOL yet so easy! I might make myself a new one for the movie release in December.


Closeup of the wand and card


The notes I left on the wand and the Puff


The address label I made and printed out.

I'm really excited to see what I get in the mail soon for this swap! It's really disappointing when I put so much thought and time into the package I'm sending, and then get a mediocre one in return. This happened to me several times in knitting swaps hosted on LiveJournal, but so far I haven't really been jilted on Swap-Bot. I've never been totally flaked on, i.e. received nothing, and I've only got some "eh, lame" stuff once.

And, just because, here is a Golden Snitch costume I thought was hilarious.

My very very sweet friend, Ericka, sent us an anniversary card today, with a gift card to a restaurant, so Matt and I are going out to eat in a bit! Thank you thank you, Ericka, if you're reading this! Matt got me the first Narnia movie, as well as a Prince Caspian action figure! Silly, but fun. And he just wants money toward a new car stereo, borrrinnng! But it makes him happy. Instead of wasting money on cards, we decided to go out to coffee sometime next week.

I hope you all have a lovely evening too!


Sarah said...

Harry Potter!!!! :)
Or you can send me my own Hogwarts invitation!?!? hehehehe kidding.

This is AWESOME!!!! you did a wonderful job! I'm so in awe of your awesomeness!!

sarahgrace said...

Wow! You are so creative, it's amazing!

(P.S. I think you've got me mixed up with another've got a link to my blog...but I can't take credit for guessing that...hee hee.)

Happy B-day to Harry Potter!

Heather In Progress said...

Sorry, SarahGrace! I don't think I know any other Sarahs.... Will the Sarah that answered the question correctly please identify herself?

Heather In Progress said...

Oh wait! Is this Sarah from Iowa?

mikkers said...

awesome swap items! I would love to recieve such gifts because they show a lot of quality time and construction. Yur pal is going to be so surprised!