Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Must... Beat... Carrington

I saw Carrington on Sunday, and she said she's been blogging, but not posting it. Hm. So that makes me think she's building up all these blog posts to put up on the last day of the month, all at once, and lull me into a false sense of security right now, thinking I'm far enough ahead that I don't really need to blog anymore. Well, I'll show her!

However, it's 2am (I've been busy up til now since I have SO MUCH TO DO before we leave town on Friday) and my brain is pretty much done working. So: Randomness!

Rant: SCOOT IN YOUR CHAIRS! It amazes me how many adults do not do this. All the break rooms at all my jobs have been a mess because no one would push their chair back toward the table when they got up. It's not difficult, it takes two seconds, and it's common courtesy! I always scoot the chairs back in when I pass them in the break room, or sometimes even in restaurants or whatnot. You always push your chair in, that's what I was taught all my life! So come on! They teach you this in kindergarten, can your brain not handle it now? *SIGH*

Swap: I'm on Swap-Bot, a website that hosts literally thousands of swaps. You can search by category, or just look through the lists of most recently posted, most popular, or by the send-by or sign-up-by dates. Once everyone's signed up, the computer assigns everyone partners--you don't send to the person who sends to you, it's all mixed up. And you get rated by your partner once your package arrived, not on its merits, but if it arrived on time and met the requirments (which I think is very logical as the "spiffiness" of a swap is subjective). If it's an extra-special swap, you can earn "hearts," which show up in your profile. There are swaps for everything from postcards to dolls to knitted things to movie-themed to recipes to pet stuff....

Anyway, the Harry Potter-themed one is due tomorrow, so I got it all finished and packaged up tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll post my pictures of the stuff I made for another post to beat Carrington. But I think it turned out pretty swell, and I hope my partner thinks so too!

Sewing: Don't even talk to me.

Faire: Excited! :D I should start my packing list tomorrow to make sure we get out of here with our air mattress and sunscreen and all the pieces of our costumes.

Wedding: I'm a bridesmaid in my friend Megan's wedding in September, yay! But ACK, another thing I need to do before we leave for the weekend: buy, address, and send out invitations for her shower which is August 16th, in two and a half weeks! >.< It's luau-themed, fun! (Luau is a weird word, but it's really spelled like that. I checked. Hawaiian is so musical, especially compared with stodgy old English.)

Bed: Is where I am going now. Goodnight!


mikkers said...

1. Who is Carrington?

2. People are lazy, scooting in your chairs would just be too much effort when someone else will do it for you). Sorta like leaving the dishes in the sink because someone else will do it.

3. I have been looking at Swap Bot for a while but just haven't gotton into the spirit of it. I used to do swaps a lot but the deadlines always sneak up on me, or I lose my creativity, or I'm disappointed in the return gift. I need to get some swapping motivation up!

Heather In Progress said...

Mikkers: Carrington is my friend with whom I'm having a blogging contest for the month of July. I've mentioned it a few times in previous posts. Her blog can be found in my sidebar, "The Love Song of Carrington Schaeffer."

I've only been disappointed in the packages I've received from Swap-Bot once or twice. The rest have all been quite excellent! There's bound to be the occasional stinker, but I say go for it! Just don't sign up for so many at once that you get overwhelmed, like I did when I first started.

Thank you so much for being such a good and faithful commenter! I really appreciate it, and I love reading your little notes.