Sunday, July 20, 2008

Of Angst and Sewing

Firstly, let me just say that I got my fix of Tortured Hero for the week after seeing Dark Knight on Friday. Oh yes, it was awesome. I could go into greater detail, but this isn't a movie blog, and half of it would just be fangirly squeeing over stuff anyway. Suffice it to say I really really liked it and we'll surely be buying it the second it comes out.

Is "firstly" a real word? I'm pretty sure "secondly" is, so "firstly" must be.

Secondly, I've been sewing. I can't remember my last sewing update, so what I have done for the faire is:

-Megan's pants
-Matt's pants
-Matt's shirt
-My chemise

I'd show you pictures, but the pants are not that exciting, they're just... pants. I might have to redo the @#$%^&* collar of Matt's shirt because it's too tight. I didn't have him around to measure when I made it. And a lady would never show pictures of her undergarments! So you'll just have to wait. However, I have a picture of my gown:


Well, it won't be quite that fancy. It'll be the gold one, but without the rolls at the top of the sleeves, and all in silver and grey and cream with pearl and silver jewelry. :) So lovely! I only work three days this week (ACK no money!) so I should have plenty of time to sew.

While I've been waiting for four yards of fabric to dry, hanging over the shower curtain rod, I sewed this:


I traced onto wrapping paper a shirt I had that was similar, but cropped (so I wear it over a tank top or long dress), and lengthened it, and made a few alterations in the cut of the front. I looked at an online tutorial for a baby kimono shirt for the construction, then went at it.


I wish the back could've been in one piece, but I bought the fabric without a pattern in mind and didn't have quite enough. I LOVE this fabric, by the way. So much of Alexander Henry's line is amazing. And I want a dozen shirts like this! It was so so so simple to put together (I LOVE bias tape!) and it's cool and summery.




Danielle said...

Love, love, love your shirt!! Especially since you didn't really have a pattern -- how crafty are you?? Hehe.

Heather In Progress said...

Danielle: Thanks! It was really really simple, truly, but I'm excited that I'm at the point in my sewing where I'm willing to try such things. Now, the Tudor gown... we'll see how that turns out!